In what language was the Gospel written? Greek or Aramaic?

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The Christian writers of the first period mention the existence of the Gospel called "Logia", which means words, written in Hebrew-Aramaic. In addition, some Western scientists who started to research the Gospels beginning from the eighteenth century state that there was one single Gospel before the current four Gospels emerged and that the current Gospels were written based on that Gospel.

Lessing, one of those researchers, stated in the thesis he put forward at the end of the eighteenth century that there was an original Gospel before the four Gospels, that its language was Aramaic and that Matthew, Mark and Luke made use of it when they wrote their Gospels.   

J. G. Eichon reports the existence of this first original copy too. According to J. Wellhausen, this first original copy belongs to Mark. Mark wrote this first copy in Aramaic and translated it into Greek by enlarging it. According to him, Matthew and Luke wrote their Gospels by making use of this original Aramaic copy and its Greek translation. According to Zahn, this original copy belongs to Matthew, not Mark. The Gospels of Matthew and Mark that exist today were written based this original script.

L. Waganay states that the original manuscript belongs to Mark and that Mark wrote it making use of Peter's sermons. According to him, Matthew’s Gospel in Aramaic was copied from this original Aramaic copy. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke written in Greek were written based on the Gospels of Mark and Matthew written in Aramaic.

Again, according to some Gospel researchers, there were some written, small and separate pieces containing the words and miracles of the Hz. Isa (Jesus) before the current Gospels. The authors of the existing Gospels benefited from those pieces while writing their Gospels.

Among the versions of the Gospels, the closest one to the original copy is the Gospel of Barnabas.

It is known that the traces of the Gospel have been seen in Turkey recently and that some research has been made on it:

One of them is Abdurrahman Aygün's unpublished work called "İncil-i Barnaba ve Hz. Peygamber Efendimiz Hakkındaki Tebşîrâtı". This work was written in 1942. (see Osman Cilacı, "Barnaba İncili Üzerine Bir Türkçe Yazma ", Diyanet Periodical, October-November-December, 1983, Volume:19, Issue: 4, p. 25-35)

It is also known that a book written in Aramaic with Assyrian alphabet was found around Hakkari, Turkey, in 1984, that this book was the Gospel of Barnabas and that it was caught before it was smuggled abroad. (see İlim ve Sanat, March-April 1986, issue: 6, p. 91-94).

In addition, a book translated as "Barnaba İncili" into Turkish by Mehmet Yıldız was published by "Kültür Basın Yayın Birliği" in 1988.

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