Did Hz. Musa get married? If yes, how many children did he have? What are his children's names?

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Did Hz. Musa get married? If yes, how many children did he have? What are his children's names?
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The following is stated regarding the issue in the Quran:

"Afterwards one of the (damsels) came (back) to him, walking bashfully. She said: 'My father invites thee that he may reward thee for having watered (our flocks) for us.' So when he came to him and narrated the story he said: 'Fear thou not: (well) hast thou escaped from unjust people.' Said one of the (damsels): 'O my (dear) father! Engage him on wages: truly the best of men for thee to employ is the (man) who is strong and trusty.' He said: 'I intended to wed one of these my daughters to thee on condition that thou serve me for eight years; but if thou complete ten years, it will be (grace) from thee. But I intend not to place thee under a difficulty: thou wilt find me, indeed, if Allah wills one of the righteous.' He said: 'Be that (the agreement) between me and thee: whichever of the two terms I fulfill, let there be no injustice to me. Be Allah a witness to what we say.'" (al-Qasas, 28/25-28).

Ibn Kathir writes the following: "There are different views about who the father of the girls was. There are views that he was Shuayb. The majority of the scholars hold this view. Hasan Basri states the following by using a narration from Malik b. Anas as evidence: "Hz. Shuayb lived for a long time after his nation was destroyed and married his daughter off to Musa."

After marrying Safura, the daughter of Hz. Shuayb, Hz. Musa stayed in Madyan for ten years and herded sheep as mahr of his wife. According to a narration, the Prophet (pbuh) was asked how long Hz. Musa worked. He said Hz. Musa worked for 10 years. It is understood from this narration that he herded sheep for ten years.   

According to the information obtained from the Bible, Hz. Musa had two sons called Gershom and Eliezer out of this marriage. (Exodus, 2/16-22, 18/3-4; I. Chronicles, 23/15-17)

According to Islamic resources, when Hz. Musa completed the period of time he agreed in Madyan, he left Madyan with his wife and herd. He arrived at the Mount Sinai in a cold winter evening. He saw a fire on the mountain. When he approached the fire, he heard a voice and he was asked to go to the Pharaoh. Musa had a son there. His wife returned to Hz. Shuayb with her son. (Tha'labi, p. 136-139) Musa was appointed to go to the Pharaoh and save Children of Israel.

(see TDV İslam Ansiklopedisi, İstanbul 2006, MUSA item., Vol.31, p. 207-212)

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