Is cheating in exams permissible?

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Is cheating in exams permissible?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

There are some objections to cheating in exams and it may be violating others’ rights:

1- We achieve something which we have not endeavored.

2-It leads man to laziness, which does not befit Islam.

3-It is not an ethical action.

4-It prevents us from being someone to be respected in our job and school.

5-If we study for our lessons as much as we work for the cheating techniques, we can get the same result about us. 

6-We lose our esteem among our friends.

7-We would not be practicing the true Islam and the honesty that Islam deserves.

8-It is inappropriate behavior since we introduce ourselves as if we know although we do not know.

9-It means violating other persons’ rights if there will be a situation of taking another person’s right because of the additional marks achieved through cheating as it happens in applying for a job or entering to a superior school. 

Because of the reasons above or the reasons like those, cheating in exams and helping others cheat are never appropriate.

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