Can you give information about the Prophet Jarjis (George)?

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Can you give information about the Prophet Jarjis (George)?
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The Prophet Jarjis lived in Palestine and around Damascus, and continued the rules of the religion of the Prophet Jesus because of coming after him. It was narrated that he was martyrized by the king of Mosul, Dadiyan (see Tarikh, at-Tabari, 2/186). It is stated that the prophet Jarjis, who known as St. George by Christians today, was born in the Ramle town of Palestine.

The region that the prophet Jarjis lived was under the control of idolaters, and they had a cruel ruler named Dadiyan. The prophet Jarjis was busy with trade by travelling cities, and used to give all of his earnings to poor people. He was trying to prevent the administrators from persecuting people by warning them.

Once, he went to Mosul with the purpose of preventing the king from persecution by calling him to guidance. He took some valuable presents with him. The king was forcing the people to adore the idol named Plato, which was made by them, by setting an enormous fire and gathering people around it. He threw people who did not submit to his demand into the fire. Just then, the prophet Jarjis arrived. When he saw that grievous situation, he distributed his all properties to the believers firstly, then he told the king to give up anger and fury, discontinue persecution, and told the king that he as a trusty adviser, and told him to believe in him. He said to the king that both he and those he persecuted were the servants of Allah, that creating belonged only to Allah, that all people including himself were the impotent servants of Allah, that worship was done only for Allah and that it was Allah who gave sustenance. He wanted the king to abandon forcing people to worship the idol, to break the idol and to believe in Allah.

The call of Jarjis was not accepted; what is more, they forced him to worship the idol. When Jarjis rejected this call, he was exposed to persecution for a long time. The king made him tied to a tree and combed his body with iron combs. As he was combed with iron combs, his body became rags and tatters. The king poured sharp vinegar and salt on Jarjis, who did not die though his flesh started to fall loose in strings. They put an iron that they heated in fire on his head. Almighty Allah turned him to his previous condition. The king and his men were shocked after this situation, and began to seek new ways.

After they set a cauldron with fire under it, they threw the Prophet Jarjis into it and closed its container. After they kept the container of the cauldron closed for a long time, they opened the container thinking that he died; they were shocked when they opened it because he was still alive and nothing happened to him. Because the king feared that he would lose his kingdom, he ordered the Prophet Jarjis to be imprisoned in a dungeon.

The Prophet Jarjis, who was imprisoned in a dungeon, was not left free. In addition to his hands and feet being nailed so that he would not meet people and call them to the guidance, they put a big marble stone on him. However, Allah Almighty saved him by sending an angel, and ordered him to continue his duty by being patient despite the persecution. It was revealed to him that he would be martyrized four times by the unbelievers and that he would be elevated to high ranks by being resurrected each time. This situation made him very happy.

When they saw him again, they captured him; then, they tied him tightly within a tree they had split into two; they snatched pieces of meat from his body and threw them to lions. The Prophet Jarjis appeared before the King and his men again. They said to themselves “This man looks like Jarjis so much”. The king's men, who could not get rid of the weakness they suffered, said “This man is such a talented magician that he can show himself both dead and alive. Because they thought that he was a magician, they decided to test him by a talented magician. There were already many magicians in their country.

They found the master of the magicians and brought him to the king. They ordered the Prophet Jarjis to drink the water on which the master magician made magic and recited something. The Prophet Jarjis drank the water brought to him without any reject, by saying “In the Name of Allah”. The master magician believed in Allah by saying “This can be done only by Allah”. Otherwise, he should have died. The king reacted to the magician by getting angry with him and said, “How fast were you deceived by him?” Howver, the magician said that he was not deceived and said that he believed in Allah, who is the Lord of worlds and has power over everything.

They cut the magician’s tongue so that he would not say to anyone that he believed in Allah and in order to prevent other people from believing in Allah. However, when the incident was heard by the people, many of them believed (in Allah). The cruel king martyrized the Prophet Jarjis after he martyrized all of the believers. Then, this nation was destroyed by fire.

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Is there any Qur'anic evidence on this? Or Hadith? If so please post it.


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