Can you explain the word “abtar” in Surat al-Kawthar?

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Can you explain the word “abtar” in Surat al-Kawthar?
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A son was a symbol of power at that period. The sovereignty among tribes was decided by power. The tribe with more people had the power. Arabs used to call a person who did not have a son as dying out and other similar nicknames. According to tafsirs, when the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)‘s sons died, disbelievers called and nicknamed him “abtar” ( infertile ). They wanted to insult him by saying “Let him go; he is the one who will die out”. (Tabari, Tafsir, XXX, 212)

So this verse (ayah) condemns their behaviour and states that even if they had children, they would be the ones who would die out. For, they will be remembered with hatred and curse till the Day of Judgment but the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is remembered with Allah’s compassion and his name is called next to Allah’s name five times a day in adhan (call to prayer) all around the world.

Because idolaters in Mecca looked at the events only superficially, they regarded the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as weak and alone. They regarded themselves as crowded and powerful; so they were sure that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would fail his mission. Razi says, “Allah turned the case against them. He stated that the actual powerful ones were the ones supported by Allah and the weak ones were those who were lowered by Allah. So while kathrat and kawthar (multitude and bounties) were given to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), being abtar (infertility), and humiliation were given to his enemies . It is a glad tiding for Muslims who follow the path of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and who maintain his faith and determination. (Kur'an Yolu, Diyanet Tefsiri, V/665-667)

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