Can a person who is in a lower layer of Paradise want to go to an upper layer? If he wants to do so, will it be realized?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

The people of Paradise will not be aware of being in a lower or upper layer of Paradise.

Everybody, people from all layers, will be there; they will sit at the same table and eat the same food. The difference will be in their ability to taste and take pleasure. A prophet and a person from the lowest level of Paradise will be at the same table but they will take different pleasures. However, those people will not be aware of it.  

A person who is in the lowest level will not think that there will be anybody who will take more pleasures than him. People of every layer will think that they take the best pleasure.

Therefore, there will not be a wish like "I am in a low level; I want to move on to a high level."

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