Can people be saved without the intercession of the Prophet?

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One of our elderly people say we exaggerate the love of the Prophet (pbuh) and place it - God forbid - before the love of Allah; he also says that it is possible to be saved without the intercession of the Prophet (pbuh) too. Since it is a delicate issue, we did not say anything about it because we did not have enough information. We would be glad if you clarified the issue for us.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

No matter how much we love the Prophet (pbuh), it is not enough when we love him on behalf of Allah. For, we love him because he is Allah's prophet and he is a unique person in this manner. No bounds should be set since he is loved on behalf of Allah.

Intercession is true and the whole ummah will want to attain the intercession of the Prophet (pbuh). Intercession is not only for being saved from Hell. A person also needs intercession for his rank to be elevated in Paradise.

The statement "A person can be saved without the intercession of the Prophet (pbuh)" is a harsh statement. For, all of the creatures Allah created were created for his sake, and the ummah of the Prophet (pbuh) received a lot of boons for his sake. His intercession is a great boon for us.

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