Can a Muslim man get married with a Buddhist woman?

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I am a Muslim man and I am in relationship with a non muslim female (buddhist). Is it permissbile for me to get married without converting her to a Muslim? and please explain me about if a Muslim man can get married a woman from the people of the book and show me reference from the Al Quran, regards
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Dear Brother / Sister,

As Buddhists are not from the People of the Book (Ahl al-Kitāb), you are not allowed to marry with her. A Muslim can only get married with a Muslim or a person who is from People of the Book. Or you can get married with that woman after she converted to Islam.

The religion of Islam does not consider polytheists (those associating partners to Allah) and the people of the Book, namely Christians and Jews, as the same. In the Surah of Al-Maidah, Allah (SWT) announces, “The food of the People of the Book is lawful unto you and yours is lawful unto them” (Al-Maidah Surah, 3:5). There can be economical and commercial ties with them. The following part of the verse reads that Muslim men can marry chaste women from the people of the Book. Yet a Muslim is not allowed to marry an idolater.

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