Can I have some information about Hazrat Sumayya, one of the woman Companions?

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Can I have some information about Hazrat Sumayya, one of the woman Companions?
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Sumayya bint Habbat (may Allah be pleased with her)

Hazrat Sumayya is the first martyr woman companion in Islam....

She is Ammar Ibn Yasir’s mother... Although she was tortured by polytheists together with her husband Yasir, and her son, she did not abandon her faith... They were brave people who took the risk of dying honorably in the way of Allah and His Messenger...

They were a family that strove so as not to fall into polytheism and that resisted oppression and torment… They were the first suffering family in Islam... They were the first martyrs that died in the way of Allah and His Messenger.

Sumayya bint Habbat was the female slave of Abu Huzayfa Ibn Mughira from Sons of Mahzum. She was liked by her master due to her service. Abu Huzayfa made her marry Yasir. Yasir was a young man who came from Yemen to Makkah; he took shelter with Abu Huzayfa and worked for him. When they had children, he freed Yasir.

Ammar Ibn Yasir, a great Companion, was born out of this marriage. In the first days of Islam, this fortunate family became Muslims and all of its members became an activist of belief. They suffered unbelievable tortures of furious Makkans. They were exposed to the most anguished and severe tortures since there was nobody to protect them. They suffered the heaviest tortures of Qurayshi polytheists, especially Sons of Mahzum. They were tied to camels and dragged by camels at noon, when the sun was the hottest, on the sand. polytheists put scorching hot rocks on their bodies and burnt their bodies. However, they could not make Sumayya and her family abandon their belief.

Yasir family, husband-wife and their son, Ammar, showed the best examples of perseverance in belief. They showed what a great power and happiness it was to believe in Allah and His Messenger at the risk of their lives. The wife and husband were martyred together. Yasir and Sumayya were honorably recorded as the first martyrs in the history of Islam.

Once, the Sun of the two Worlds, our Prophet, went to the place where those heroes were tortured. When they saw the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) coming toward them, they forgot about their pains and started to look at him. They did not keep their eyes off him as if they wanted to welcome him. They felt relieved due to the joy of seeing him heedless of the tortures. When the Prophet of Mercy approached them, he gave them the following glad tiding that will increase their resistance, give them the power of patience and endurance to maintain their belief and that will console and relieve them from the oppression and torment:

“Show patience, o family of Yasir! Show patience, o family of Yasir! I am giving you the glad tiding of Paradise.”, He addressed them.

He promised the first sufferers of Islam Paradise, the place where they would live eternally, and showed them Dar as-Salam (place where they would live peacefully) as target. However, man was weak. He was created in a weak form. Would the days pass under torture? Yasir asked again, by relying on Allah and His Messenger:

“O Messenger of Allah! Will time always pass like that?”

The Prophet of mercy was moved. He felt as if he suffered the tortures that they were exposed to. However, a struggle was necessary as a human being. He asked them to resist and prayed Allah, “O Allah! Grant your mercy and forgiveness to Yasir family!” He tried to console them only this way.

A few days passed. The tortures continued. Yasir was old. He could not resist the oppression and torment, and he died. He became fortunate by being the first martyr among men in the way of Allah and His Messenger, in the struggle of belief.

Abu Huzayfa, the uncle of Abu Jahl, wanted to relieve his anger by torturing Sumayya and her son Ammar after Yasir’s death. Abu Huzayfa was exhausted after his oppression and torment. He said to Abu Jahl, his uncle, “I leave Sumayya to you.”

Abu Jahl headed toward Sumayya like savages that saw red due to their conceit and insulted her, “You believed in Muhammad because you fell in love with him.” Sumayya answered the debauched man back with stronger words. Abu Jahl went crazy. The debauched, cruel, savage person feeling as if someone spat in his face due to the words of Sumayya stuck the spear in Sumayya and martyred her.

What a high belief!.. What patience!.. What endurance!.. And what a nice end!.. What a bravery not to keep silent against the oppressor!.. What a bravery to defend the right and to shout out everywhere!.. What a great strength belief is!.. A faithless heart is really a burden for the chest!.. O Allah! Make us all activists of belief!.. Do not include us among the people that are deceived by the short life of this world!.. Always enable us to defend and help the truth!.. Include us among those who live and die believing in you!.. Amin.

Hazrat Sumayya (may Allah be pleased with her) is a brave person of belief that obtained the honor of being the first woman martyr of Islam. She became famous for her devotion to Islam and endurance against torture for the sake of Islam; she was a brave mother who sacrificed her life in the way of Allah and His Messenger.

Ammar Ibn Yasir (may Allah be pleased with him), the son of Sumayya, went to the presence of the Sun of the two Worlds, our Prophet, as soon as he was saved from torture. He told the Prophet that he was very sorry because of the death of his mother so painfully and that he had no endurance left against the tortures. Our Prophet (pbuh) advised him to show patience. He prayed Allah for them, “O Allah! Do not torture anybody from the family of Yasir with fire.”

Abu Jahl, the debauched polytheist, was killed in the Battle of Badr. That day, the Prophet of Mercy said to Ammar, “Allah killed the murderer of your mother.”

May Allah mercy this family of belief activists abundantly. May Allah enable us to take lessons and our shares from their love of struggle, patience and strength. Amin.

Mustafa Eriş

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