Is Abu Jahl the paternal uncle of the Prophet (pbuh)?

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Is Abu Jahl the paternal uncle of the Prophet (pbuh)?
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Abu Jahl is not the paternal uncle of the Prophet (pbuh). Abu Lahab is his paternal uncle.

Abu Jahl was the most ferocious enemy of the Prophet (pbuh) in the first period of Islam and one of the notables of Quraysh.

His real name was Amr b. Hisham al-Mughira; at first, he was known as Abu'l-Hakam, but the Muslims called him "Abu Jahl" (the father of ignorance). He belonged to Sons of Mahzum clan of the tribe of Quraysh in Makkah. He had a great prestige among Makkans. 

Abu Jahl, who was about the same age as the Prophet (pbuh), opposed Islam beginning from the first days, acted in a hostile manner against the Prophet and especially weak Muslims, and harassed and tortured them. Ammar b. Yasir's mother, Sumayya, who was one of the first two martyrs of Islam, was killed by Abu Jahl brutally.

Abu Jahl, who always had a leading role in the activities against Islam throughout his life, observed and followed the application of the boycott against Muslims very carefully and opposed lifting the boycott. He made an offer to kill the Prophet by a group of attackers formed by choosing one member from each clan in a negotiation made in Dar an-Nadwa a little while before the migration of the Prophet (pbuh) to Madinah.    

Abu Jahl, who showed his hostility against Islam on any occasion even after the Muslims left their houses, wealth and land for the sake of their religion and migrated to Madinah, caused the Battle of Badr to occur. Abu Jahl left Makkah with a big army in order to prevent a caravan belonging to Quraysh led by Abu Sufyan; he learned on the way that the caravan was safe and headed for Makkah but he continued marching in order to fight the Muslims just because of his enmity against Islam. When he arrived at Badr, he rejected the offer of the Prophet (pbuh) to make peace; he also opposed the view of some notables in his army who wanted to prevent fighting; he accused them of cowardice and started the war.

However, during the fights, Abu Jahl, was wounded heavily by two Muslims of Madinah and fell down; his head was cut off by Abdullah b. Mas'ud, the famous Companion. His head was taken to the Prophet and his dead body was thrown into the well where the dead bodies of the polytheists were thrown into at Badr.

Thus, Abu Jahl, who was regarded as "the Pharaoh of this ummah", paid a heavy price for his ferocious, unjust and inhuman enmity against the people who said, "My Lord is Allah", Islam and the creed of oneness.

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