Is Belief realized just by saying I believe?

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What are criterias of believing in Faith? Is it enough to say that I believe in faith? Should we express other words or should we do other things?
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Belief means to believe. Believing is a result of knowledge. One cannot believe without knowing. Belief cannot be realized just by saying, “I believe”.

The religion of Islam has got two essential elements: the first is belief and the second is the pillars of belief. The pillars of belief require knowledge and information. The elements of Islam require submission (to Allah) besides requiring knowledge.

The sum total of belief (ijmal; believing in God’s oneness and His messenger) is a part of detailed (tafsili) belief. Detailed belief means to examine each issue in Islam seriously and to enlighten one’s soul with a clear consciousness. This issue is not something that everybody can accomplish. For this reason, it is also considered “belief” to accept the details of an examined issue in total with submission. The principle of “Belief in everything sent down to the Messenger of Allah” explains this reality.

For instance, after believing in the Quran, which is Allah’s words and one of the pillars of belief, it is an obligatory result of belief to accept the details of issues that are mentioned in the Qur'an. This is because it is an illogical conflict for someone who believes that the Quran is the words of Allah, the All-knowing, to consider some issues in it wrong.

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