Are the duas (supplications) said in ruku’ (bowing down) and sajdah (prostration) of prayer fard?

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There are some scholars who think that saying the dua "Subhana Rabbiyal Azim and Subhana Rabbiyal Ala" in ruku’ and prostration of prayer is fard because, it is mentioned as a command in the Quran. If we accept it like that and for example, if we say "Subhana Rabbiyal Ala" in ruku’ by mistake or vice versa in prostration, does it become necessary to perform the prayer again as qada because of abandoning the fard?

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The two dhikrs in the Qur'an mentioned in the question are not related to prayer. However, since the Prophet (pbuh) said, "Say the first dhikr in ruku and say the second one in prostration", Hanbalis say, "It is fard to do so" based on the rule that "a command imposes the decree of being fard" and they also say it is fard to say it once and it is sunnah to say it three times.

The other three sects have concluded that they are sunnah by saying “Not every command imposes the decree of fard; the decree is understood with other evidences and indications, at that point, the evidences and indications show that it is sunnah to say those duas.”

According to the sect of those who say sunnah, even if they are abandoned or their places are changed by mistake, the prayer does not need to be performed again; the prayer is valid.

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