Are Allah’s deeds makhluq (created things)?

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- There is no change in Allah’s essence, but does it not look like that there was a change when He started to create for the first time?

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- All of Allah’s attributes are pre-eternal. However, those that are the manifestation of those attributes were created afterwards. In other words, Allah’s deeds are not makhluq (created things), but everything that is created is makhluq.

There is nothing strange about it.

- For example, a person may have been a doctor, but he may have done other things, and years later he may have practiced medicine. There is definitely no change in him when he practices the act of being a doctor after many years. Similarly, the fact that Allah created things afterwards does not mean a change in Him.

- Moreover, everything that is created exists in Allah’s pre-eternal knowledge - with its scientific quality - in its pre-eternal form. For example, when the name Khaliq (Creator) creates something, He creates it based on the quality that exists in that pre-eternal knowledge; He takes its scientific quality (essence), which is in the circle of the pre-eternal knowledge, into the circle of the pre-eternal power and enclothes it with an external body.

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