19 Good things that we can do on Holy Nights

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Dear Brother / Sister,

There are certain important deeds that can be done and should be done on all holy nights and that will be a means of attaining forgiveness, gaining rewards and thawabs, developing spiritually, being saved from problems and misfortunes and attaining divine consent for us. It will be useful to remind some of them briefly in items: 

1. The Quran should be read; reciters of the Quran should be listened; Quranic recitals should be organized in appropriate places; the feelings of love, respect and commitment to the Word of Allah should be renewed and strengthened.

2. Greetings and salawat should be said for the Prophet (pbuh); his intercession should be hoped and the consciousness of being his ummah should be refreshed.

3. Missed (qada) prayers and supererogatory prayers should be performed; prayers peculiar to that night, if any, should be performed; a holy night should be spent by worshipping and with the consciousness of ihsan (worshipping Allah as if seeing Him) in essence.

4. One should meditate; he should have deep thoughts related to vital issues like “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What does Allah want from me?”

5. One should check and evaluate his past; he should plan the present time and future.

6. One should repent and ask forgiveness sincerely; he should regard that night as the last opportunity and regret his sins with the determination not to commit them again.

7. One should make plenty of dhikr.

8. One should ask forgiveness from other believers for the violation of their rights.

9. One should reconcile the people who are cross with each other, soften their hearts and please them.

10. One should pray for himself, his family and other believing brothers by mentioning their names.

11. One should seek those who have rights on him and show loyalty to them.

12. Poor and homeless people, orphans, ill, disabled and elderly people should be visited; they should be shown compassion and respect; they should be made happy with gifts and alms.

13. The verses, hadiths and their interpretations about that night should be read from the books individually or in congregation.

14. Religious meetings, panels and talks should be organized; preaching and advice should be listened; poems should be read; hymns and religious songs should be sung to affect the hearts.

15. The evening, night and morning prayers of the holy nights should be performed in congregation and in mosques.

16. The tombs of the Companions, scholars and saints should be visited. One should pray to Allah by benefitting from their spiritual atmosphere.

17.  One should visit the graves of his deceased relatives, friends and elders, and should show his loyalty of brotherhood of belief to them.

18. One should wish his spiritual elders, teachers, parents, friends and relatives a happy holy night by visiting them by making a phone call or by sending messages to them and should ask them to pray for him.

19. One should fast on the day of the holy night if possible.

May Allah Almighty make us among His slaves who make use of these nice opportunities and benefit from those holy nights as much as possible! Amin.

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