Should I visit my relatives whose ethical characteristics I do not like?

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- Should I visit my relatives who have weak belief or no belief and whose ethical characteristics I do not like?
- They are my cousins. Will I be regarded to have committed a sin if I do not meet and visit them?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

It is not appropriate to sever relationships with relatives. Even if one’s relative is a sinner, it is necessary to try to correct him instead of severing relationships with him.

Everybody will be friends with good people when things are good. What matters is to be friends with people in tough times and not to leave one’s friend in evil deeds and sins. That is real loyalty, friendship and brotherhood.

It is our duty to try to improve the missing aspects of our relatives who are incomplete in terms of Islamic life and to make their hearts warm toward Islam and the truth.

The advice of Allah Almighty to His Prophet (pbuh) is clear:

" And admonish thy nearest kinsmen." (ash-Shuara, 26/214.)

Is that divine advice not valid for all of us?

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