Would it not be better for believers to go directly to Paradise without the experience of dying?

O Monarch that nurtures us with His bounty! Show us the source and origin of these examples and shadows you have shown us! (The Words p.62, Bediuzzaman)

The saying we have quoted above points out that the bounties in Paradise bear perfection worthy of Paradise and our bodies in the world are as shadows compared to those in Paradise. The recreation of man in a way worthy of the realm of eternity is called neshe-i uhra, namely, the second creation.

Sometimes we encounter such a question, which I consider scruples. Would it not be better for believers to go directly to Paradise without dying first? It would not be good at all, let alone better.

The one who asks this question is not able to discern between the original and the shadow. According to this assumption, the shadow would benefit from the original if it is ever to be called benefit. It is something like ones eating his meal in the real world while he is dreaming.

On this occasion, I would like to tell a memory which I experienced: I had to go on foot from one end of the city to the other. When I arrived home, I was quite tired. All of a sudden, it occurred to my heart: You cannot go to paradise with these feet. You cannot travel in those enormously vast destinations with the feet that are exhausted with a few kilometers walking.

Later on, I contemplated that my mind can follow any subject just 40-50 minutes. I said, You cannot go to Paradise with this mind. I contemplated my eyes that were tired of reading and seeking sleep; You cannot go to Paradise with these eyes. I said to myself.

I multiplied the examples more and more and this truth dominated over my soul thoroughly: You cannot go to the Hereafter with this body which is just a shadow.

Man will get rid of this shadow being with a manifestation of mercy, which is death, and will enjoy acquiring some existence worthy of the Hereafter through resurrection.

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