Will Everybody Recognize Dajjal, Mahdi and Jesus (Eesa) (UWP)?

No. If Jesus (UWP), Mahdi and Dajjal appeared as evident as the sun there would be no possibility to use the reason or the power of choice, everybody would be compelled to believe.There would be no difference between people like Abu Bakrs and Abu Jahls.

As it is stated in the Hadiths, if a Dajjal, who was as tall as a minaret, who had such a strong voice that all the world could hear him, and if the phrase this is an unbeliever was written on his forehead, who rode a wondrous donkey having a 30-meter distance between its ears, emerged, everyone would have to recognize him willy-nilly and it would be contrary to testing and trial.

Then theoretical matters should be veiled, profound and in need of careful study and experiment so that the goal of testing is achieved, so that Abu Bakrs may rise to the highest of the high and Abu Jahls may descend to the lowest of the low. If there is no will, there is no testing.

It is because of this mystery and wisdom that miracles are displayed only rarely, , The signs relating to the end of the world are obscure and open to interpretation; so are some allegorical verses of the Quran. However, the suns rising in the west is not like that; it will be so clear that everyone will be compelled to believe; the door of repentance will be closed and repentance and belief will no longer be accepted. In that case, even Abu Jahls will want to believe and they will be equal to Abu Bakrs.

Dajjal should not be expected under the name of Dajjal. He will be known not in his capacity as Dajjal, but as a despotic ruler. (1) Because of that, most of people will not be able to recognize him. He can be recognized through the insight of the light of belief. (2)

It is not expected and should not be expected that Mahdi will be recognized as evident as daylight by everyone as well as Dajjal and Sufyan. It is also contrary to testing. Eevery century should wait for Mahdi as if he is going to appear in their time and it could be stated that Mahdi appeared or lived in the past ages, as well.

As it is indicated in the Gharaibu'l-Ahadith, a commentary book concerning the Glorious Hadiths, Not everyone will be able to recognize Mahdi. Only people of wisdom will be able to recognize him through the light of belief. (3)

The descendant of Jesus (UWP) will be similar too. Not everyone will recognize him, either. However, he can be recognized through the insight which originates from the light of belief. When Jesus comes, it is not necessary that everyone should know him to be the true Jesus. His elected people and his close friends him recognize him through the light of belief. (4) He will not be self-evident so not everyone will recognize him."(5)

Man becomes specialized in a field in which he is engaged. A man who has a weak belief or who does not embark on the quest seriously, he will not see mahdi, Jesus and Dajjal; even if he sees them, he will not be able to recognize them even though he lives at the same time or is side by side with them.

Will Dajjal Know that he Himself is Dajjal?

At the beginning, Dajjal and Sufyan (Antichrist) will not know themselves to be so in spite of their all evil activities. (6) They will realize it later.

Many people narrated that the Islamic Dajjal, Sufyan, will be curious about the meaning of the verse by the fig and the olive and will ask about it. He will probably seek for a sign from the verse which says the man was created in the best of moulds, for himself and for his just built city, but in the following Surah, (Alaq) the verse Read! In the name of your Sustainer, according to jifr calculation and its meaning, also indicates his time and person, pointing out that he will oppressingly attack the mosques and the people who perform prayers. That is to say, that man with some extraordinary abilities perceives that a short Surah is about him, but makes a mistake and knocks on his neighbors door."(8)

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