Why does Allah need our worship?

The answer to this question is given in the verse: Worship your Lord, Who created you and those who came before you, that ye may guard (against evil).

There is an outcome of worship: Attaining the degree of guarding (taqwa). Man attains the degree of taqwa, that is, he attains the degree of fearing of Allah, abstaining from his prohibitions, keeping away from what He has forbidden. It means, the benefits of worship pertain to man.

People, who do not attain this degree, spend their lives in sins, disobedience, polytheism and ingratitude. They lead men to go to Hell.

Then, the degree of taqwa, is the position of abstaining from Hell and from every kind of evil that leads to it. Abstaining from Hell leads man to Paradise. It is we who are in the need of Paradise and who will benefit from the boundless bounties there. Then, how can we ask such a question!?

Surah al-Ikhlas teaches us that Allah is the Eternally Besought One. Eternally Besought One means Everything needs Him, but He needs nothing.

In the uterus, feet have been attached to us so that we can walk here. Stomach has been attached to us so that we can be nourished by nutrients. Eyes have been attached to us so that we can see things. It is we who are in need of all of these things. Why should Allah need to bestow on us such bounties!? If we fulfill our duty of giving thanks to Allah through worship, we will go to the land of the thankful ones, Paradise. There, it is again we who will taste the physical and spiritual bounties in such an ultimate degree that the bounties of this world will be in the degree of a shadow in comparison to the bounties there.

Then, in both worlds, we are needy and we are the consumers. Why should Allah need to grant us the bounties of Paradise? Why is such a question asked?!

Another aspect of the issue:

In The Signs of Miraculousness (İşarat-ül İcaz), the following is expressed: What expands that exalted spirit of man is worship. What develops his aptitudes is worship. What broadens his ideas and takes them under arrangement is worship

Every sound mind accepts without any doubt that the expansion and progression of mans spirit is for man himself. Thus, man will be able to benefit more from Paradise that he will attain in the future. Paradise is similar to this world in one aspect. Trees, animals and also men have come to this world. They all benefit from here; but each of them benefit according to its disposition and abilities. That is, just coming to the world is not enough. The way to benefit completely from this world is to be able to enter it with exalted abilities and faculties. The benefits of each person from this world are not the same. The believing servants will enter Paradise by the favor of Allah, but their benefiting degrees from the bounties there will be in comparison with their worship and sincerity.

Worship also has a curative aspect besides its progressive aspect:

Man can avoid from every kinds of evils from makrooh (abominable) acts that turn the stomach, to haram (illicit) acts that poison only through worship. How can a person protecting his heart, spirit and all his faculties from mistakes and wrongs by such a divine treatment ask such a question about worship!?

God Almighty has no need of your worship, nor indeed of anything else. It is you who needs to worship, for in truth you are sick If someone who is ill responds to a compassionate doctor who insists on his taking medicines that are beneficial for his condition by saying: What need do you have of it that you are insisting in this way?, You can understand how absurd it would be. ( Flashes) (Lemalar)

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