Who established this system?

Let alone dealing with the world, if we look at only a seed, we will see that even a seed is concerned with its flower, species and the universe.

It is concerned with its flower since the flower’s entire program is hidden in the seed.

It is concerned with its species in this way: Although flowers of the same species are planted at different times, they will bloom flowers on the same day. Why does it happen? It is because only through this manner can they reproduce. Pollination occurs through insects and bees transferring the pollen that sticks to their wings to another individual flower of the same species. If they had not bloomed flowers on the same day, then their species would have been extinct long ago.

As for their relations with the entire universe, every flower and plantact like experts to maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. They maintain this balance by producing oxygen for a lifetime. Those flowers that breathe in carbon dioxide for a lifetime breathe out oxygen when they die.

If carbon dioxide were to increase in the atmosphere, all flowers would accelerate their breathing.

If it is claimed that Allah did not establish these relations and this system, we want to ask the following questions:

1. Even a seed is concerned with everything. Who established these relations among the creatures?

2. Who keeps all of the organs of a flower in a seed? Who makes that seed a small box for the flower? Who writes the program of the flower in the seed?

3. The flowers that are planted on different days bloom on the same day. How do those flowers communicate? How do they decide when to bloom? How does the seed that is spread into the ground later than the others speed its growth and bloom on the same day?

4. Plants and flowers work very hard to maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. How do those plants, which have no intelligence, work like a chemical engineer? What instruments do they use for their measurements? Why is the continuation of life so important for them?

These questions can only be answered as 'because of Allah'.

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