What is the worship of pilgrimage (hajj)? What is the decree about hajj in Islam?

Hajj worship

Hajj lexically means intention and tending toward something. In religious terminology, it means to visit a certain place at a certain time with certain acts.

The certain place is the Kaaba and Arafat.

The certain time is the months of Shawwal and Dhul-Qada and the first 10 days of the month of Dhul-Hijja.

The certain acts are acts related to hajj like circumambulating the Kaaba, waqfa at Arafat and sa'y.

The Decree about Hajj

The worship of hajj is one of the 5 fundamentals of Islam. It is a worship that is carried out bodily and financially.

It was rendered fard in the 9th year of the Migration. Hajj is definitely fard by the Book (the Quran), sunnah and consensus of the scholars.

The verse of the Quran stating that hajj is fard is as follows:

Pilgrimage thereto (the Kaaba) is a duty men owe to Allah―those who can afford the journey. (Aal-i Imran, 97).

Hajj is fard for every believing Muslim man and woman having the necessary conditions of hajj. This issue is stated as follows in a hadith:  

"O people! Hajj was rendered fard for you. Then, fulfill the worship of hajj."

One of the Companions asked,

- O Messenger of Allah! Is it fard every year?

The Prophet (pbuh) kept silent until the man asked the same question for the third time. Then, he said,

"- If I had said 'yes', it would have been fard for you every year and you could not have afforded it."

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