What things are haram for people who have to make ghusl?

The religious duties that are haram for junub men and women , and for women who are in menstruation and puerperium are as follows:

1 – To perform prayers. A junub person can perform fasting but a woman who is in menstruation or puerperium cannot.

2 – To read the Quran. It is haram to read even one verse from the Quran whether by heart or by looking at it. However, it is regarded permissible to read the verses of prayer (dua) and verses that praise Allah with the intention of dua and praise and but not with the intention of reading the Quran. For instance, it is haram for a junub person to read the chapter al-Fatiha that contains dua and praising Allah with the intention of reading the Quran; however, it is permissible to read it with the intention of dua and praising. It is permissible to utter kalima ash-shahadah, subhanallah and Allahuakbar.    

3 – It is not permissible even to touch the Quran let alone reading the Quran. Even if what is touched is only one verse or half a verse. However, if the Quran is covered in something, it is permissible to touch it like that.

4 – To circumambulate the Kaaba.

5 – To enter a mosque or to pass through a mosque unless there is an obligation.

6 – It is haram to hold a gold or silver coin, a necklace or plate on which verses of the Quran are inscribed or written.

Acording to Imam Malik, a junub person cannt read the Quran but a woman who is in menstruation period can because a junub person can make ghusl at once.  However, if she is in menstruation, she is regarded as excused since she cannot make ghusl before the menstruation period ends.

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