What is imitative belief?

What is belief based on imitation?

How many kinds of belief are there?

Belief is divided into two.

1- Imitative belief and

2- Investigative belief

What is imitative belief?

Imitative belief is belief that is not based on evidence and searching.

The people with this kind of belief cannot read the seals and evidences belonging to Allah on the beings. They cannot see the manifestations of divine names and attributes. They cannot read on behalf of Allah the creatures each of which is a divine letter, poem and book. They cannot reach the artist from the art, the decorator from the decoration, the cause from the effect, the indicator from the indication. When they look at a flower, they only see its apparent beauty; they cannot meditate on the divine names and attributes manifest on them. They cannot hear the witnessing of the flower related to the existence and oneness of Allah and the other truths of belief. Such a person is unaware of what is happening around him, blind to the beauties in the book of the universe and deaf to the tongues of the events that tell the truth. Therefore, he is shallow and insufficient in his belief and loveless and aweless in his worshipping.  

We can understand a person who has imitative belief through two questions:

Question 1: Do you believe in Allah and the other truths of belief?

His answer to this question is “Yes, I do.”

Question 2 is a bit more difficult: “Why do you believe?”

He has no answer to this question. For, he is not a Muslim because he believes in Allah and the other truths of belief but he believes in Allah because he is a Muslim. His mother, father and the people around him are Muslims; so, he is a Muslim, too.  

People with imitative belief catch the illness of habituation. They cannot meditate on objective and subjective evidences. This lack of meditation leads him to heedlessness or denial. It is the last act of habituation, which is a bitter fruit of belief.

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