What is Fard?

Fard (obligation) is a religious task or duty that is ordered to be fulfilled through definite and clear evidence.

Like making wudu, performing daily prayers, performing fasting, paying zakah (alms)...

Fard is divided into two:

Fard al-Ayn: A fard which is obligatory for every individual Muslim.

When a Muslim performs it, other Muslims do not become exempt from them; every Muslim has to perform it individually. Like performing daily prayers and fasting...

Fard al-Kifaya: A fard which is not obligatory for every individual Muslim; when some Muslims fulfill it, others become exempt from it. If nobody fulfills it, then the whole community becomes responsible for it and everybody is regarded to have committed a sin; like performing the janazah prayer when a Muslim dies.

The reward of the fard al-kifayah belongs to the person who fulfills it. The sin of it, when nobody fulfills it, belongs to all Muslims.

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