What are the effects of belief in Allah on man’s life?

The horizon of view of the man who believes in Allah and who is connected to Him with love is as wide as the universe, his peace and joy are as fresh and as immortal as the garden of Paradise. 

The light of belief shines in his eyes; truth, love and joy babble in his words.

Ethics, dignity and accuracy are observed in his business and acts.

He considers people as his brothers and sisters because of their creation and he looks at them with the eyes of grace and mercy.

He is affectionate; he tries to help people without expecting any rewards from them. He conciliates those who are sad; he embraces the orphans.

He is familiar with the universe and the beings in it. He is like their acquaintance. No incident can frighten or discourage him. He can challenge the universe with the power of the belief in his heart.

He makes use of and tastes the bounties that Allah has granted him in compliance with His will. 

He is not afraid of death because he does not consider death as a tunnel of nihilism or non-existence but as the entrance door to the real life and eternal bliss.

He sees himself as a visitor in the world. He eats, drinks and lives comfortably in compliance with the content and permission of Allah. When the period of visit ends, he peacefully leaves this guesthouse and goes to the place of eternity.

A person who believes in Allah and who is connected to Him with love is freed from the terrible agonies and grieves that unbelief causes.

A person who believes in Allah will not harm himself or others. The belief that Allah sees him any moment and the fear that the evil deeds he commits do not pay prevents him from committing any evil deeds even in the places where there is no law. He does not commit any evil deeds; on the contrary, he tries to help and benefit everybody.

He fills his spirit with good thoughts, attains high ethics and dismisses the bad feelings in him.

Believing in Allah and being connected to him make man really free. A person who knows that everything is created by Allah becomes a slave of Allah not his creatures. He relies on and trusts in Allah only; he asks from Him and takes shelter in Him. He does not become a slave of another slave. He does not beg from anybody; he does not become an apple polisher.

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