The Third Reason: The prophethood versus sainthood; the difference between the rank of sainthood and prophethood.

Third Reason: As is proved in the Twelfth, Twenty-Fourth, and Twenty-Fifth Words, the comparison of prophethood and sainthood is that of the sun itself and the sun’s image as it appears in mirrors. Thus, however much higher the sphere of prophethood is than that of sainthood, the servants of the sphere of prophethood and the Companions, the stars of that Sun, have to be superior to the righteous in the sphere of sainthood to the same degree. The legacy of prophethood and veracity, which is the supreme sainthood, is the sainthood of the Companions; even if a saint attains to this, he still cannot reach the level of the Companions, the first rank. We shall explain three out of the numerous aspects of this Third Reason.

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First Aspect: The effect of social environment on talents during the time of the Companions.

Second Aspect: The difference between the way of Companion and tasawwuf (sufism) in the matters of closeness to Allah and “passing from the apparent to reality”. 

Third Aspect: The superiority of companions in regard to their service in the establishment of Islam.

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