Third Fruit: The importance of the Sunnah (practices of the Prophet) and the results of acting in accordance with them.


O soul! If, in a brief life, you want to do something that will profit you infinitely in the hereafter, and you want every moment of your life to be as beneficial as a life-time, and if you want to transform your habitual actions into worship and your heedlessness into awareness of the Divine presence, follow the Illustrious Practices of the Prophet (PBUH). For when you apply your actions to the rulings of the Shari‘a, it affords a sort of awareness of Allah’s presence; it becomes worship of a sort and yields many fruits for the hereafter. For example, you bought something. The moment you applied what is acceptable and required by the Shari‘a, that ordinary act of shopping acquired the value of worship. Recalling the injunctions of the Shari‘a calls to mind Revelation. And by thinking of the Lawgiver, you are turned towards Allah. And that makes you aware of His presence. That means, in applying the Illustrious Sunna to your actions, are advantages like making this fleeting life the means of gaining an everlasting life which produces eternal fruits. Heed the decree:

So believe in Allah and His Messenger, the unlettered Prophet, who believes in Allah and His Word: follow him that you may be guided. (Qur’an, 7:158.)

Try to reflect comprehensively the effulgence and manifestation of all of the Most Beautiful Names, whose manifestations are diffused within the ordinances of the Shari‘a and Illustrious Sunna...

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Fourth Fruit: The difference between Muslims and non-Muslims in terms of being indifferent to religion.


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