Some people have built their philosophy of life on forgetting death. What do you think of this approach?

There is a great truth that we must never forget but do everything necessary in order to forget: Death.

The most effective cure to our heedlessness is the Hadith, which reads, Contemplate the death often, which dispels pleasure and makes it bitter.

In this hadith, we are advised to recall death often and attach importance to it. It is not sensible to turn a deaf ear to this advice. For closing eyes can never hide any truth. People who turn their back on death and refusing to think about it do nothing but go backwards to their graves.

Wisdom requires not forgetting the death; ... rather knowing that this life journey is towards to grave and will be terminated by death. By this way, one can overcome the difficult concept of the death and leave it behind.

A patient might be relieved for a while by forgetting about his illness. However, this heedlessness causes him to aggravate his illness. A momentary relief brings a long-lived pain.

To forget about exams may give students a transient occasion of entertainment. However, the consequence of this heedlessness becomes distress and grief. Likewise, a tradesman who spends his capital extravagantly leads a deceiving pleasure. Finally, he ends up in bankruptcy.

We can make an analogy with regard to the point: While in your room or having some rest in a park, you watch an insect on its own. With the intention of having, some fun you bend down and bring your hand near it. The insect immediately turns back and runs away with an utmost speed. You watch it is running away with pleasure. It hides behind a matchbox. You keep on watching it. You seem to sensing its breathing with fright. Then another insect comes near it. You seem to hear the former insect saying to the other I just got over a great danger. I came across a silhouette in front of me. I got away at once. Thanks God, I got rid of it now.

Our situation in the face of the angel of death is no different from this one. Wherever we may go, whatever we may hide ourselves behind, whatever pleasure we may have, whatever to do to forget it, the consequence is the same. The angel of death any moment watches us and waits for Allahs (SWT) order to take our lives.

Then to try to run away from death is not a clever thing to do. What is clever is to love death and try to submit our spirits to the angel of death without dirt and spot. Not to think about the future, to forget about death is not a philosophy of life which befit to a man.

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