Second Topic: It explains Badiuzzaman Said Nursi’s three different personalities.

Second Topic

[This Topic was written in response to the wonder expressed by those who serve me permanently concerning the surprising contradictions they see in my conduct; and in order to rectify the excessively good opinions of me of two of my students.]

I see that some of the perfections which properly pertain to the truths of the All-Wise Qur’an are attributed to the means who proclaims those truths. And this is wrong. For the sacredness of the source demonstrates effects as powerful as many proofs; it is through these that it makes everyone accept its injunctions. Whenever the herald or deputy obscures it, that is, whenever regard is directed to the herald, the sacredness of the source loses its effectiveness. It is because of this that I shall explain a truth to my brothers who show me greater regard than is my due. It is as follows:

One person may have numerous personalities, all of which display different qualities. For example, when a high official is in his office, he has a personality which necessitates dignity and requires a stance that will preserve the elevation of the position. If he is humble before all his visitors, it will be lowering and will debase the position. But his personality in his own house, contrary to his official position, requires that he should be as modest as he can. If he displays dignity, it is arrogance. And so on. That is to say, a person has a personality in regard to his duty or work which in many respects contradicts his true personality. If such a person is truly worthy of his duty and truly capable of it, the two personalities are close to each other. If he is not capable of it, for example, if a common soldier is put in the position of a field marshal, the two personalities are far from each other; the individual, lowly, inferior qualities of the soldier are incompatible with the elevated, superior character demanded by the position of field marshal.

And so, this wretched brother of yours has three personalities, which are very distant from each other, truly very distant.

T h e F i r s t : In regard to being the herald of the elevated treasury of the All-Wise Qur’an, I have a temporary personality which pertains solely to the Qur’an. The extremely exalted character demanded by the position of herald is not my character; I do not possess such a character. It rather consists of the qualities necessitated by the position and the duty. Whatever you see in me of this sort of quality, is not mine, so do not consider me as possessing it; it belongs to the position.

T h e S e c o n d P e r s o n a l i t y : Through Almighty Allah’s grace, a personality is given me at the time of worship, when I am turned towards the Divine Court; this personality displays certain marks. These marks arise from “knowing one’s faults, realizing one’s want and impotence, and seeking refuge in utter humility at the Divine Court,” which are the basis and meaning of worship. Through this personality, I know myself to be more wretched, powerless, wanting, and faulty than everyone. Should the whole world praise and applaud me, they could not make me believe that I am good or possess perfection of any sort.

T h e T h i r d : I have my true personality, that is, the degenerate personality of the Old Said, that is, certain veins of character inherited from the Old Said. Sometimes it inclines to hypocrisy and desires rank and position. Also, because I do not come of a noble family, lowly characteristics are to be observed, like my being frugal to the point of miserliness.

My brothers! I am not going to describe the many secret faults and ills of this personality, lest I chase you away altogether.

And so, my brothers, since I am not someone capable and of high position, this personality of mine is very far from the character demanded by the duties of being herald and of worship; it does not display their marks. Also, according to the rule, “Ability is not necessary to proclaim the truth,” Almighty Allah has compassionately demonstrated His power in me so that He employs my personality, which is like that of the lowest common soldier, in serving the mysteries of the Qur’an, which resembles the most exalted position of field marshal. Thanks be to Allah a hundred thousand times! The soul is baser than everything, and the duty higher...

All praise be to Allah, this is from the bounty of my Sustainer!

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