Reading Text: It is the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah to look clean

A group of Companions came together and went to visit the Messenger of Allah. When they reached the house of the Prophet next to the mosque, they asked for permission to enter the house.

The Messenger of Allah was having a rest at that time. When he was informed that he had visitors, he got dressed and went toward the door to welcome his visitors. There was an earthenware jar full of water next to the door. Before opening the door, the Messenger of Allah leaned over the jar, looked at his reflection in the water and tidied his hair and the turban on his head.

Aisha, his wife, found it very strange that the Messenger of Allah tidied himself and combed his hair and beard.

– Do you also adorn yourself out and fell the need to show off? Aisha could not help asking him.

The Messenger of Allah answered the question of Aisha as follows:

– Yes, O Aisha! A Muslim should avoid meeting his brothers with an ugly appearance and he should tidy himself up before meeting them. Allah is beautiful and He likes materially and spiritually clean and beautiful people. He wants a Muslim to look nice in the presence of other Muslims.”

That is, it is not a sign of being a Muslim to wear dirty and shabby clothes and not to take care of one’s clothes and appearance. It is not a sign of modesty and virtue to wear shabby clothes and to be untidy, as some people think. The sunnah of the Messenger of Allah is to appear before people by wearing clean, decent and proper clothes. Therefore, we must take care of our clothes and appearance and tidy ourselves up before meeting our friends and brothers in religion.  

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