The Qur'an resembles man's words. It is similar to the way men converse. If it were Allah's Word, it would be appropriate to Him and would be altogether out of the ordinary. His art does not resemble man's art; so His Word should not resemble man's w

Virtually, Allahs Word does not resemble the way men talk by any means. Firstly, while we are talking, we use our tongues, mouths, teeth, vocal cords and lungs which Allah bestowed us. In the meantime, the brain organizes the coordination between those organs and our feelings through a mechanism the mystery of which we have not discovered yet. Then, with Allahs permission, we load, in the way Allah taught us, our words and expressions to the air, which is His creation too, and send them to listening ears. Our ears, which are designed like private stereophonic studios for each of us, collect the voices and transmit them to the brain. Codes are deciphered in the brain and we comprehend the meaning of what we hear in the limits of our knowledge.

We need particular organs and equipments for both talking and listening. Moreover, our talking and listening has limits. We can talk in the rate of our knowledge and as much as we can express ourselves. We use our voice as much as our vocal cords permit. Our ears cannot hear the voices which are under or over certain levels. Additionally, we make sense of the voices we hear in comparison to our knowledge and comprehension.

Allah who taught us to talk can surely talk. He who bestowed us the ability of hearing can hear definitely. However, his speech and listening do not resemble ours. If they resembled, He would need what we needed. However, He is the One who creates all what we need. Would the Creator need what He created?

After distinguishing Allahs Word from mens talk with exact boundaries, we find ourselves being addressed the following question:

As human beings who need many things for talking and hearing, how can we hear and how can we comprehend the speech of Allah Who needs nothing?

We cannot exceed the bestowed abilities no matter how much we want. Our eyes recognize light but cannot see radio waves, which indeed have similar nature. In addition, our eyes have an endurance limit for light. Trying to exceed this limit could yield being deprived of our eyes forever: for example, looking at the sun for a long time during the day!

Consequently, there are two ways in order to be able to hear Allahs speech: either Allah will bestow us such abilities to provide hearing His Divine speech, or He will talk in the form which we can listen and understand.

The first way, as we learned from the Quran, is an extremely exceptional incidence which was bestowed as a miracle upon Hazrat Musa (Moses). Since not every individual human being can be a Moses, the second way is chosen lest entire human being should be deprived of Allahs words. Actually, the second way was preferred. The Quran was revealed as a book in the form of which we can comprehend by reading, we can make as the point of reference for every stage of this world and the Hereafter and we can learn and teach one another. If it were not in the form of human speech, how could we hear it? Even if we heard it, how would we recite and repeat it? If we did not read it, how would we benefit from it? If we did not benefit from it, what wisdom (reason) would exist in its revelation?

Apart from his miracles and special attributes, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a human being in all his actions, conducts, and behaviors. He submitted to and complied with the Divine laws and commands manifested in creation. He too suffered from the cold, experienced pain, and so on. His deeds and attributes were not all made out of the ordinary so that he could be the leader of his community through his actions, its guide through his conduct, and instruct it through all his behaviors. If he had been out of the ordinary in all his conduct, he could not himself have been the leader in every respect, the total guide of everyone, the 'Mercy to All the Worlds' through all his attributes.

Similarly, the All-Wise Qur'an is the leader for people having mind and consciousness, the guide for the believers of jinn and men. He is the teacher of those attaining perfection, and instructor of those seeking reality. Therefore, it is the necessity of the wisdom that it should be in the same form as man's talking and understanding style. Men and jinn learn their worshipping their prayers from it; they express their concerns in its language, and learn from it the rules of social behavior, the laws and the secrets of the universe. Everyone has recourse to it. If, therefore, it had been in the form of the Divine speech which the Prophet Moses heard on the Mount Sinai, man could not have endured listening to it and hearing it, nor could man made it the point of reference and recourse. Hazrat Moses, one of the five greatest prophets, could only endure to hear a few words.

The goal of the devil or the ones who ask such questions under the leadership of devil is to represent a resemblance as the sameness and by this way, to cheat man. Actually, they refer to a nonsensical way known as paralogia in psychology. Assume a patient saying, a table has for legs, so does a cat. Therefore they are the same. Similarly, the devil says Men talk by means of words and sentences and the Quran is written by using words and sentences. Therefore, the Quran is a word of man. and he attempts to deceit people. As a matter of fact, every for legged thing is not a cat; similarly, expressing oneself by means of words does not only pertain to man . The devil himself, deceived Musaylama by means of fabricating many irrational stuff resembling human talk and asserting them to be Allahs words. As for The Lord of all worlds, He, more than anyone, has the power required for revealing the most beautiful exposition of all expositions with the words and expressions which He taught us.

Quoted from the authors article A debate with Satan released by Zafer Publishing.

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