Performing Prayers Quickly

Does reading quickly while performing a prayer invalidate it?

First of all, we should know that "moderation in all deeds is more favorable" (Suyuti, al Jamiu’s–Saghir (see Fayzu’l- Qadir IV/385). What is necessary in prayers is to perform by thinking, in khushu (humbly). Performing the prayer so quickly as not to think about what one is saying takes the spirit of the prayer. Allah says, "establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise" (Surah Taha, 20/14). In congregational prayers, the imam may tire the congregation if he prolongs the prayer. In such a situation, the moderate way should be followed. When a person performs the prayer by himself, he/she can prolong it long enough not to tire himself/herself. The moderate way in that case is to prolong it long enough not to tire himself/herself. So, it is better to act according to the situation.

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