Prayer and Music

Is it permissible to pray while music is being played downstairs?

There is no obstacle for the validity of prayer where there is a noise like music either upstairs or downstairs. However, this diminishes the thawab (reward) of the prayer to the degree that it distracts the concentration. For, Allah (SWT) says "Establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise." (Taha, 20/14). The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ordered us not to offer prayers sleepily since praying consciously is not possible during prayer when one is sleepy. In a sense, the prayer is communication with Almighty Allah and talking with Him. It is necessary to avoid anything that disconnects or weakens this contact and to worship as if seeing Him.

However, if other people make noise and prevent the praying person from concentrating in prayer, the responsibility will belong to the noisemaker but not to the praying one.

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