Muammar bin Abdullah (r.a.)

Muammar became a Muslim in the first years of Islam. He migrated to Abyssinia with the second caravan. After a while, he returned to Makkah. He was late to migrate to Madinah a bit; so, he could not participate in battles.

He joined the Farewell Hajj. He served the Prophet. He was given the duty of arranging the basket on the camel of the Messenger of Allah. Once, the basket started to sway on the road because it was not tied properly. The Prophet said, "Muammar! It seems to me that the ropes of this basket are loose." Muammar said, "O Messenger of Allah! I tied them tightly as usual. Probably, someone who envied the honor of my being at your service loosened them!" The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) smiled and said, "Muammar! Feel relaxed. I will not appoint anybody to replace you."

This fortunate Companion also attained the honor of shaving the blessed hair of the Messenger of Allah. When he prepared the razor, the Messenger of Allah said humorously, "Muammar! The Messenger of Allah has surrendered his earlobe to you."

Muammar was joyful. He said, "O Messenger of Allah! It is such a great blessing and boon of Allah to attain the honor of shaving your hair." [1]


[1]Tabaqat, 4: 139; Musnad, 4: 242.

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