Masah over a Bandage

* The cloth that is wrapped over a wound or diseased organs is called a bandage. If there is a bandage over a wudu or ghusl organ and if it is harmful to unwrap the bandage and wash under it, the bandage is wiped; thus, that organ is regarded to have been washed. The plaster, wooden and metal braces on the broken leg are regarded the same. A wound covered with some medical stuff is regarded the same, too.

* It is not necessary to wipe over the whole bandage. It is enough to wipe over more than half of the bandage.

* There is no time limit for the bandage that is wiped over. Masah is continued as long as the bandage is necessary. The sound places around the bandage are washed.

* The bandage does not have to be wrapped when one is on wudu.

* If the bandage on a wound that has not healed yet falls off or is changed, masah does not become invalid. Masah does not have to be renewed when the new bandage is put. The state of wudu continues.

* Masah over a bandage becomes invalid when the wound or the excuse heals completely. 

Filled or plated teeth are like wounds that are bandaged or covered with medical stuff – or an organ that has been smeared by paint, etc that prevents water from touching the skin but that is difficult to remove. It is enough if water touches the plate and filling.

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