Is man a creature without a will like a leaf in the wind?

As usual, some people disregard will power and use fate as an excuse by saying It is not my fault?

If mans will is not binding at all and if he is like a leaf in the wind, if he were not answerable for what he did, then there would be no significance of the concept of crime. Someone who has this kind of argument is supposed not to go to court when inflicted injustice. On the contrary, he is supposed to say, This man burned my house down, killed my child, but he is excusable. Hes predestined to do like that; it wasnt up to him not to do that.

Do those who have been overridden really think like that?

If man were not responsible for what he did, the words good and bad would be meaningless; there would be no need to appreciate heroes and to despise traitors. Because either of them would not have done anything willingly. Yet nobody would make such a claim. Everybody agrees that he/she is not like the leaves in the wind as far as his/her conscience is concerned.

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