It is stated in the Quran that halva was sent down to the people of Hazrat Moses from the heavens (Al-Baqara:57). Does halva come down from the heavens?

"And We gave You the shade of clouds and sent down to you manna and quails saying: "Eat of the good things We have provided for you"; (but they rebelled); to Us they did no harm but they harmed their own souls." (Al-Baqara: 57)

The halva (manna) that Allah sent down to the Israelites, who killed their prophets, is described as above in the Quran.
Allah sent a cloud over the Israelites to protect them from the scorching sun of the desert. The desert without rain and clouds was like a hell gushing out fire and spreading blazes. Allah sent a cloud to cool them and sent down halva and quails when they ran out of food and drinks from the heavens. Thus, the desert that was like a hell before was transformed into gardens of paradise where they lived comfortably. However, the Israelites did not find it suitable to their honor to thank Allah for His so many blessings.

Interpreters (mufassirs) put forward different ideas about the meaning of manna. Ali bin Abu Talha reports Ibn Abbas saying Manna was sent down onto the trees and they ate it as much as they wanted Mujahid states that it was something sticky. Suddi says They said: Oh Moses! What shall we do here? Where is our food? So Allah sent down manna for them. Katada says it came down like the snow comes down and it was whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. Katada also says manna came down from dawn to dusk.

As the verses of the Quran states and as the interpreters have explained for ages, today in some woody locations a sweet, healing substance called gezo, sira or manna come down onto the trees. It is stated by the people of Mardin, Cizre that during every spring and summer this substance comes down abundantly. Sheikh Mehmet Bahir Haşimi of Cizre says first some humble lightnings are seen in the sky and then manna starts to come down like snow onto only the woody parts of Cizre. This manna which is stated to be sweeter than honey and sugar sticks on the leaves of oak trees only. Manna does not stick on the leaves that can harm the essence of it. The acid manna contains is much less than the sugar and the desserts in the market.

What does the Bible (the Old Testament and the New Testament) say?

Manna is mentioned in the Bible. Christians call what the Quran says manna as Tomana. In the verse in the 11th chapter of the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament the following is stated:
"Now the manna was like coriander seed, of the color of bdellium, white and bright.
And the people went about, and gathering it, ground it in a mill, or beat it in a mortar, and boiled it in a pot, and made cakes thereof of the taste of bread tempered with oil.
And when the dew fell in the night upon the camp, the manna also fell with it.

The verses in the Exodus chapter of the Bible indicate the existence of manna:
"In the evening quails came up and covered the camp; and in the morning dew lay round about the camp. And when the dew had gone up, there was on the face of the wilderness a fine, flake-like thing, fine as hoarfrost on the ground. When the people of Israel saw it, they said to one another, "What is it?" For they did not know what it was. And Moses said to them, "It is the bread which The Lord has given you to eat."

Christians and Jews believe in manna at least as much as we do. However, Jehovahs Witnesses, who say that they believe in the Bible, do not believe that manna was sent down. In addition, the British Science magazine Nature dealt with manna in issue 1981in January.

As a result, people who deny the existence of Allah although they eat the limitless foods, no matter what they contain, that He created deny the living, sweet, perfectly-colored and aromatic foods that come out of the lifeless, tasteless, colorless and odorless soil; they will definitely deny manna that comes down from the heavens. Belief necessitates testing and trial.

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