How are we supposed to treat a baby who died just after birth? Can that baby make shafaa (intercession) for his/her parents in the hereafter?

When the phases of man are told in the holy Quran, the phase in the mothers uterus is also included. (1) A baby in the mothers uterus, especially when it is given life, he/she steps into the area of existence, in other words, into the humanity.

In some hadiths, the phase of the mothers uterus is attracted attention and the following is stated:
All of your creation happens in your mothers uterus in forty days. And it becomes a clot of blood in another forty days and becomes a piece of flesh in another forty days. Then, an angel is sent and the soul is blown..(2)

As it is mentioned in the hadiths, when the soul is given to the child, he reaches a certain level of humanity.
So, we should understand that when the child is born alive and dies after that, in Paradise he will reach his parents as a child and have the affection of their parenthood. Worldly treatment of it is not different from the treatment of an adult.

The great Hanafi scholar Kasani reports from Imam Yusuf, A baby who is born dead is washed and named. However, funeral prayer is not performed(3)
The Prophet Mumammed explains the wisdom of naming children as follows: You will be called by your names and your fathers names, so have good names(4)

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Reference: Mehmed Paksu Çağın Getirdiği Sorular

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