Hazrat Uthman is in the Rank of Muslims

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) had not yet announced Islam openly to the public.

During this stage, Hazrat Abu Bakr was very enthusiastic and took immense efforts in explaining Islam to his close friends.

One day, he mentioned Islam in one of his conversations with Hazrat Uthman and took him to our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) presence.

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH), whose bright face always had a smile, said to Hazrat Uthman, “Favor heaven, which is God’s beneficence. I was sent as a guide to you and all of the humanity!”

It was as if Hazrat Uthman had lost himself (but in reality, had found himself) in the face of our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) simple, sincere, and miraculous words, as the testimony of faith spilled from his lips: “Ashhadu anlaa ilaaha illallaahu wa ashhadu anna muhammadar-rasulullah!” * Afterwards, he explained a dream that he had previously seen while returning from Damascus: He said, “Oh Messenger of God, during the time in which we were in between Muan and Zarqa sleeping, a town-crier shouted, “Oh those who are sleeping! Wake up! Ahmad (PBUH) has appeared in Mecca!” And we heard about you once we arrived in Mecca!” (1)


The joining of Hazrat Uthman, who possessed a gentle nature, good manners, modesty, and generosity, in the ranks of Muslims bothered the polytheists immensely. Individuals from his tribe strived to torment and oppress him. However, he stood up to every kind of anguish and torment and did not show the slightest deviation.

His uncle, Hakam bin Abu'l-As, would tie him with a rope to a pole and while beating him would say:

“So, you have forsaken your forefathers’ religion and have taken interest in a new religion? I swear I will not free you until you return to the religion of your forefathers.”

Hazrat Uthman, who was a model of fortitude, answered:

“By God, I will never leave the religion of reason and truth!”

He was left to face this torture and persecution for days on end. However, he did not make the slightest concession from his faith. At last, his uncle was humiliated in the face of Hazrat Uthman’s greatness and fortitude and was left with no other choice but to free him. (2)

Hazrat Uthman, who was of medium height, heavily built, tan skinned, and had a very handsome face and a thick beard, was a pure and upright person in nature. He forbade himself from drinking alcohol during the Age of Ignorance. He was one of the fortunate people who felt deep joy in spending his wealth for God’s sake. He was a hafiz (one who had memorized the Quran.) During the nights, he would finish reciting the entire Quran in his prayer (salah).

Hazrat Uthman, who was one of the ten companions who was given the good tidings of Paradise, was at the same time, our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) son-in-law. Initially, he married our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) daughter Ruqiyyah, but when she passed away, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) made him marry his daughter, Umm Kulthum. For that reason, he had acquired the nickname, “Zinnurayn”, “Possessor of Two Lights. (3)

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