The Garment Called Body

The garment of a one-year old person does not fit him when he is five years old;  the garment of a five-year old a person does not fit him when he is ten years old; the garment of a ten-year old person does not fit him when he is twenty years old. That is, as the man grows up, his clothes become smaller. However, there is a garment of man that never becomes smaller as he grows up and that is the garment called body.  

So, who is the tailor that increases the size of the garment calledbody as it grows, enlarges it as it gets fat, shrinks as it thins and sews it up neither too narrow nor too large?

Use the same example for the animals and plants. You will see that those living creatures are clothed and shaped wonderfully too.

Yes, whom you can show other than Allah who clothes all these creatures with the best clothes, shapes and figures them in the best way and changes them from one form to another?

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