First Point: It describes the perfect compassion and mercy of the Prophet (pbuh) toward his ummah.


This describes the Most Noble Prophet’s (Peace and blessings be upon him) perfect compassion and mercy towards his Community. According to sound narrations, when at the terror of the Resurrection everyone, and even the prophets, will cry out for themselves, the Most Noble Prophet will demonstrate his pity and compassion by calling out: “My Community! My Community!”1 Like, as affirmed by those who uncover the mysteries of creation, when he was born, his mother heard among his supplications the words: “My Community! My Community!” Also, the whole history of his life, as well as the kind and compassionate conduct which he propagated demonstrate his perfect compassion and clemency. So too through displaying an infinite need for the innumerable prayers of his Community, he showed a boundless compassion; for he showed that out of his perfect compassion he was concerned with the happiness of all of them. Thus, you can understand how lacking in gratitude and conscience it is not to observe the Practices of so kind and compassionate a leader.


1. Bukhari, Tawhid 36, Tafsir 17, Sura 5, Fitan 1; Muslim, Iman 326, 327; Tirmidhi, Qiyama 10; Darimi, Muqaddima 8.

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