Does it mean a divorce to say şart olsun (I swear to divorce you) from three to nine?

First of all, I would like to draw attention to one point. The divorcing words are very dangerous words. Neither serious ones nor joking ones are nice; they are dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid words that may mean divorce and those words should not be used even to intimidate women. The intention of using those words for intimidating or for rejoicing does not change the decree. Almost all of them may sever the family bond.   

After that warning, let us have a look at what I swear means:
It is necessary to know what I swear means in the region where it is used. Generally, people mean divorcing by using it. The word that means so means nothing but divorcing. Then, to say "I swear from three to nine" means to divorce a woman three times all at once. It means to sever the three-layer bond that connects the woman to her husband all at once. During the period of Sahaba (Companions of the Prophet) there happened divorces liked that; someone divorced his wife with a hundred divorces and another with a thousand divorces; when the Prophet was informed about it, he said it was three divorces and the extra ones were sins and unnecessary.

The scholars of Ahl-us-Sunnah decreed that all three divorces took place with the utterances of from three to nine or more. 

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