Does everything exist in the Quran?

Yes, everything exists in the Qur’an but not with details but with essences. It exists in a way such as in a tiny seed has been written the program of a huge tree, and in a way pointing to the laws going on in the universe and humanity.Setting out of some verses such as, With Him are the keys to the Unseen; none knows them but He. And He knows whatever is on land and in the sea; and not a leaf falls but He knows it; and neither is there a grain in the dark layers of earth, nor anything green or dry, but is (recorded) in a Manifest Book. (Al-Anam Surah, 59) and We have sent down on you the Book as an exposition of everything (that pertains to guidance and error and to the knowledge of good and evil, and to happiness and misery in both worlds), and guidance and mercy and glad tidings for the Muslims (those who have submitted themselves wholly to God. (An-Nahl Surah, 16:89) some say that everything exists in the Quran. Does everything really exist in the Quran? If yes, then how?

Yes, everything exists in the Quran but not with details but with essences. It exists in a way such as in a tiny seed has been written the program of a huge tree, and in a way pointing to the laws going on in the universe and humanity.

The Quran and the universe are two books of Allah Almighty. The first is the manifestation of the attribute of speech and the latter is that of power. There is everything in the universe, which looks to the attribute of power of Allah, but not everybody can see everything. For example, electricity had already existed in the universe when Edison discovered it but people were unaware of it. Edison did not bring electricity into existence out of nothing but discovered what had already existed. Hence, men of great intelligence such as Edison, Newton, and Archimet are not the establishers of the rules in nature but discoverers. They are not inventors but discoverers.

The same situation is the case for the Quranic verses as well. Annotators of the Quran try to respond of the vast meanings of the Quran. Each of them may see and find some mysteries in it. And the way life goes on helps for the Quranic mysteries to appear. For example, the mystery in the verse We are able to restore his very fingers! has been resolved in the 19. Century along with the discovery of finding out everybody has different fingerprints. In this respect, it is possible to exemplify hundreds of verses pointing to scientific developments.

Furthermore, the miracles that prophets in the Quran have bear messages for the future. Some verses point out to the fact that it is possible to produce water from underground with some simple tools as the staff of Moses (PBUH) did; to find cure to various illnesses as Jesus (PBUH) found; to make use of birds as Solomon (PBUH) did; to give shape to iron as David (PBUH) did; not to be burnt in fire as Abraham (PBUH) managed, to make a large ship as Noah (PBUH) made; again to bring something from a remote place as Solomon (PBUH).

We would like to draw attention to these principles with regard to the information in the Quran.

1- The Quran mentions everything. It speaks of all basic points such as space-earth, world-hereafter, hell-paradise, Allah-universe.

2- The Quran also points to todays science and technology. However, verses in question point to not in detail but as basic issues. Just as to say that the Quran does not point to the scientific advancements is negligence, so to say that these scientific advancements have been mentioned in detail is extremism. One needs to refrain from both of them.

3- The Quran is not a book of history or geography. For the Qurans basic duty is to teach about the perfections and acts in the sphere of dominicality and the duties and circumstances in the sphere of worship. (5) That is, to make Allah (SWT) known and to teach us our task of servitude.

4- To proclaim every discovery and theory to exist in the Quran and thus seal it with the Islamic revelation may result in some drawbacks in the future. The Quran, which comes from the Knowledge of Allah (SWT), has no need to be supported by some scientific props. To try to find this kind of props means putting science in the first place whereas the Quran remains in the second place. What is essential is the Qurans pre-eternal and post-eternal unchanging decrees. No judgment or findings of science can be contrary to the Quran. How can the Word of Person Who created the universe be contrary to the rules in the universe.


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