Defying one single sin with many good deeds

What does the scale mean to you?


It means preventing injustice, right? Without it, how can you know the amount of the things you bought, or the things you gave ?


Thus, the scale is related also to the human history. Because, the humanity established justice through the scale.


Likewise, our Lord will weigh and determine our good and bad deeds by means of the divine Scale. Who did good and bad things? What amount? Who committed sins and how many? And the good deeds will be counted too. He will say : Here is everything in front of your eyes, you decide, now 

Isnt this very important to you? Because ones good deeds will take him to the Paradise, while his bad deeds will take him to the Hell.


Therefore, this measurement must be done in a very fair and just way, so that there will be no erring or unrighteousness.


Likewise, the example of scale and weighing mentioned in the surah Kaariah, in Qur'an, depicts this event. In our own words, it is stated there as follows: Whose good deeds are heavier on the divine Scale, then he will be directed to the life in the Paradise where he will be contented. Similarly, whose bad deeds are heavier, will be directed to the life in the Hell where he will be unhappy


There is an important point here to emphasize: The man who goes to Paradise is not completely sinless, while the man who goes to Hell may have done some good deeds. The judgement will be according to the one which is dominant. 

It is also important to understand this point here: Since the dominant one will be decisive, we are not hopeless if we commit sins because of our evil selves or sometimes because of the compulsions of the current conditions of the day. We should immediately do good deeds, give alms,  make significant progress in our religious duties and deal with our services more profoundly, right after committing such sins that we did inadvertently. So that we add those good deeds into our Book of Deeds, and consequently respond to those sins accordingly. Through this, we may make our good deeds weigh heavier.


It is even possible to say that, after those sins committed unwillingly, focus more on the religious life, be more steadfast in piety, be more active in Islamic services, and thereby multiply your good deeds so that your sins will cause you to prosper instead of causing to lose.


Let us end this subject with the verse 114th of the surah Hud: The good deeds liquidate the bad deeds Then multiply your religious services, so that they neutralize your sins. You will be the winner instead of being a loser.


Ahmed Şahin

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