Can you inform us about throne of Belqis and demon told in the Quran? Why is such an event told in the Quran?

Some of the jinn are called demons. Raghib al-Isfahani said demon meant dirty and perverse.

Yazır says that it is used for people as it is used for jinn and says that it is pronounced as ifrit (demon) and nifrit. (1) Shibli, quoting from Abu Amr b. Abdulbarr, says; knowledgeable scholars mention jinn in various levels. When they talk about jinn in general they say jinni. When they mean those living with people, they say amir and they use ummar when they mean plural. (2) So, demon (ifrit) means the one who is in the highest level of wickedness and evil that is able, powerful, talented and uncontrollable. Since it is used for people, it is clarified as from the jinn in the Quran. (3)

In the Quran, the following is stated: A mighty one of the jinn said: I will fetch it to you before you rise from your place. I am strong enough and faithful. One who had the knowledge of the scripture said: I will fetch it to you in the twinkling of an eye. As soon as Solomon saw the throne set before him, said This is of the grace of my Lord that he may test me whether I am grateful or ungrateful; and whoever is grateful, he is grateful for only his own soul, and whoever is ungrateful, then surely my Lord is All sufficient and Bountiful.(27:39-40) Here it is shown what demons can do and that scholars who are knowledgeable about the science jalb(attraction, moving objects from long distances) can do some works faster than them. Interpreters are sure that the person doing it is one of the men of Solomon (pbuh). However, there are various narrations about who that person is. Ibn Masud said it is Hidr (pbuh) (4). Ibn Abbas says it is Asaf b. Barhiya, one of the viziers of Solomon (pbuh), who has a loyal and good personality. (5) Most of the interpreters agree on that name. It is also said that the distance is two months long. That man knew the prayer of Ism-i Azam which God always accepts prayers when it is read. Solomons vizier showed such an act as a miracle of Solomon.

Bediüzzaman says the following about the issue in his book Words:

One of Hazrat Sulaimans viziers,a scholar who had the knowledge of jalb, said in order to bring the throne of Belqis I can bring that throne in a time of blink. It shows that it is possible to bring things from long distances. It is true that God bestowed it on Solomon (pbuh) who was honored with both prophethood and kingdom in the form of a miracle to learn about his country and see how the people lived and to hear about their problems. It means if man relies on god Almighty and asks from Him with his language of aptitude as Solomon (pbuh) asked with his clean language and behaves in accordance with the rules, the world can be like a city for him. The throne appeared in Damascus when it was in Yemen. Surely, both men were seen and their voices were heard near the throne. So, it points transporting things and voices from distance very clearly.(7)

The issues that Bediüzzaman talked about have realized today. It is possible to broadcast by internet, radio or television, to have a live broadcast by smart cameras and give talks by multivision and cinevision, to broadcast by satellites and monitors connecting everywhere and to have the world under control. In plain words, the world has become globalized and all kinds of activity have become possible. The world has become close like different flats, floors and even rooms of an apartment. It is a miracle that the verse pointed to it; and the immortality and universality of the Quran has been proved.

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