Can we have contact with jinn?

In the Quran, there are some signs about jinn and devils that they can be taken under control be used as servants. The best example for it is Hazrat Sulaiman (Solomon) (pbuh) about whom a story is told in the Quran. Islamic scholars had various explanations about the issue.

The following is stated about the issue in Risale-i Nur Collection, 20th word in summary:
The verses saying that Solomon (pbuh) took the control of wicked souls prevented their wickedness and made them do good deeds: Then we subjected the wind to his power, it made his command to run gently wherever he desired, and the Satans, every builder and diver, and others linked together in chains. And we had subjected to him many of the Satans who dived into the seas for him, and performed other tasks besides, and we kept watch over all of them. It means the jinn, the most conscious resident of the Earth after human beings, can be servants for human beings. We can have contact with them. Devils can be obliged to give up enmity and serve. God Almighty made them serve his slave (Solomon), who obeys Gods commands

Abdullah Qadir says the following about the issue:

Having contact with jinn has some ways and requires a guide and being an expert. If ways, principles and guides are not used, there will be risks of getting into trouble. If those people are unaware about the spiritual world and do not know where to stand, they may be attacked by wicked souls; they can get under the control of them and turn out to be toys in their hands. The jinn sometimes lead those people into pride and arrogance and sometimes try to scare and threaten them and make them talk on their behalf and make them serve for themselves. In the 20th century, Gulam Ahmad Qadiyani became a victim of those wicked jinn. He wanted to struggle for Islam in the way of Fakirism against Yogizm but was attacked by wicked souls and became one of their toys. Wicked souls, at first, made him accept that he is a mujaddid and then Mahdi and later made him believe that he was Jesus. In the end, he said God got into my body, was seen in my body. Wicked souls can easily have contact with wicked people and can cause them to go crazy. (1)

So, we can understand that such events can happen and jinn can be contacted by experts and they can be made do something, but it is extremely dangerous to regard it as fun and become busy with it without having enough knowledge.

(1) S. Nur, p. 152

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