11- Satan making man deny hundreds of evidences through one doubt

Satan making man deny hundreds of evidences through one doubt

Denying a Truth which is proved with hundreds of evidences with one Doubt

Satan wanting to make man deny hundreds of evidences through one doubt and the cure of this;

Think of a palace with one hundred gates. 99 of them are open and only one of them is closed. We are invited to that palace and want to enter it.

Is what we need to do to use one of the 99 gates, which are open?

Or, to wait in front of the closed gate and give up entering the palace by saying, "This gate is closed; it is impossible to enter this palace?"

What we definitely need to do is to enter one of the open gates. Besides, when we enter the palace, we will be able to open that closed gate too. If somebody comes while you are entering the palace and tells you, "It is impossible to enter this palace; this gate is closed",

you will tell him, “Yes, one gate seems to be closed but 99 gates of the palace are open. It is not appropriate for a fair person to be occupied with one closed gate by ignoring 99 open gates. If I enter the palace through one of the open gates, the seemingly closed gate may open.”

The palace in the example is a truth of belief… The open gates are the evidences proving that truth of belief... The closed gate is an issue of the truth of belief that we have not been able to understand. The person who comes while entering the gate and tells you, “It is impossible to enter this palace; this gate is closed” is Satan.

Yes, an important delusion of Satan is to spoil proper thinking and sound reasoning of man. Satan wants to eliminate the decree of hundreds of evidences that prove one truth of belief by using one sign indicating the non-existence of that truth.  

Suppose that there is a magnificent palace. There are hundreds of rooms in it. Each room has been built wisely. There are embroideries on each stone. This palace indicates the existence of a king and a sultan with its construction, embroideries and decorations inside, regular administration, wise precautions and many other properties; Satan shows man a stone in the palace that seems to be irregular and unnecessary. He puts emphasis on that stone and says, “If there were a sultan in this palace, this stone would not be undecorated and irregular. It means this palace came into being by chance…”

The person who is influenced by this delusion leaves aside so many states, things and evidences and accepts a small sign as if it is worth thousands of evidences, listening to the word of Satan and denying the existence of the sultan of the palace. 

The palace in the example is this universe. The rooms of this palace of the universe are stars and planets. The world is only a tiny room in that palace. Yes, the universe is such a palace that the stars are the candles of this palace; the giant sun is the stove and lamp of the room of the world. And the moon is the night lamp and calendar of the room.

Thus, Satan wants to make man doubt the existence of Allah and even to deny Allah by showing a tiny irregularity in this palace of the universe, which indicates Allah as its owner and sultan with all of its states and things in it. He sometimes becomes successful. Compare this delusion of Satan about the existence of Allah to the other truths of belief.  

The cure to get rid of this delusion is to know the following: It is possible to enter the palace of belief when one gate is opened. When one enters the palace, the other gates that are thought to be closed are also opened. If 99 gates of the palace are open and one or two gates are closed, nobody can say that it is impossible to enter the palace. The truths of belief are in this palace. Each evidence proving that truth of belief is a key; it proves the truth and opens the gate. That truth of belief cannot be abandoned and denied when only one gate remains closed.

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