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In the Noble Quran Prop Mohd is said to have received his first relevations while he was meditating in a cave. He was confused and tried to kill himself three times because he did not recognise the voice that was talking to him. He related this to his wife and i believe his uncle. His wife and i think his uncle then declared that the revelations were from angel gabriel and managed to convince the prophet of the same. My question is:- Why did it take his wife and another person to convince him?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Everything is not restricted to what we know. Our not knowing does not prove they do not exist or they are wrong.

Also, life is an examination. A test, proposed by God so that in the arena of competition elevated spirits and base spirits may be distinguished from one another. Just as materials are plunged in the fire so that diamonds and coal, gold and earth, separate out from one another, so too, religion is a trial concerning the obligations placed on man by God and a driving to competition, which is what this abode of examination consists of, so that the elevated jewels in the mine of man's abilities may become separated out from the dross. Since the Qur'an was revealed in this abode of examination for man to be perfected through trial in an arena of competition, for sure, it will only allude to the hidden events of the future pertaining to this world which everyone will see, and will only open the door to the reason to a degree that proves its argument. If it mentioned them explicitly, the mystery of proposal would be spoilt. Simply, it would become as self-evident as writing There is no god but God clearly with stars on the face of the skies. Then everyone would have to affirm it whether they wanted to or not. There would be no competition, and the examination too would be lost. A spirit like coal would remain together with a spirit like diamonds (Abu Jahl the Accursed and Abu Bakr the Truthful would appear to be equal, and the mystery of the Divine proposal, lost.)

Additionally, Satan corrupts the wholeness of peoples’ thoughts. He destroys sound judgment concerning the truths of belief and damages integrity and correctness of thought. It is like this:

He wants to destroy hundreds of evidences proving the truths of belief through a slight hint refuting them. Whereas it is an established principle that “A single proof is superior to a hundred denials.” The statement of a witness proving a claim is preferable to a hundred people denying it. Consider this truth by means of the following comparison:


There is a palace with a hundred doors all closed. On one of its doors being opened, the palace may be entered and the other doors opened. If all the doors are open, and one or two are closed, it may not be said that the palace cannot not be entered.

Thus, the truths of belief are the palace. Each evidence is a key; it proves the truths and opens a door. If one of the doors remains closed, the truths of belief cannot be abandoned and denied. Satan however, as a consequence of certain things or by means of heedlessness or ignorance, points out a door that has remained closed, thus causing a person to disregard all the positive evidences. Saying: “See, this palace cannot be entered. Perhaps it is not a palace, and there is nothing inside it,” he deceives the person.

O wretched man afflicted by the wiles of Satan! If you want the life of religion and of society and personal life all to be healthy, and if you want integrity of thought, a sound view, and a sincere heart, weigh up your actions and thoughts on the scales of the incontestable matters of the Qur’an and the balance of the Practices of the Prophet (PBUH). Always take the Qur’an and the Practices as your guide. Say: I take refuge with God from Satan the Accursed, and seek refuge with God Almighty!

If such explanations given above are taken into consideration we will come to a conclusion like this:
 ·        The evidences of our Prophet Muhammad’s prophethood is not only one, contrarily there are thousand of miracles and evidences proving that. The poorness of a proof is not enough to confute such claim, the prophethood of our Prophet.
 ·        Every field has its specialists. Waraka Bin Nawfel (cousin of Hadrath Khatica, Prophet’s wife) was one of the most popular specialist people about the knowledge of unseen (ghayb). So when the event was told to him he quickly came to conclusion that it was the archangel Gabriel which was appeared to the Prophet (PBUH).
 ·        An idea which was confirmed by other people is more accurate, so the prophethood of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was confirmed directly by the most sophisticated people like Waraka Bin Nawfel and many other clairvoyants, Hadrath Khatica and many other companions.

 ·        Not only his wife but also universe with all things in it proves the prophethood of Him. As a matter of fact, the Owner of the universe, Allah confirms his prophethood.

Note: Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never tried to kill himself, it is not true.


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