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I asked the following questions and I received an answer in my email as follows: Question : After about 20 years of working, my retirement account (through payroll deductions) has added up to a significant amount of money. It´s not possible to take out a part of the money to pay Zakat on it. I can´t really cash in until my retirement age. So what do I do? Should I borrow money to pay the Zakat on it? Click to read the answer... When clicked on the above link I got an Error message. Please help
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Dear Brother / Sister,

If you have no chance of drawing your money from the bank at the moment then at the time of retirement you can calculate the sum of the years and give your zakat. (alms) If you have a chance of drawing your money from the bank then you can give your zakat. Or at every month, when you pay money, you can calculate the amount of zakat and give it from your salary. You should also intend beforehand giving the money as your zakat.

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