Will you give information about the relieved and distressed state of the heart? The distressed state lasts for a long time for me; I cannot enjoy life. I cannot put up with this state. What should I do?

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I sometimes think of even committing suicide. I feel bored and distressed; I do not want to meet people. Is there a cure to this illness? What is it?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The distressed (qabz) and relieved (bast) states lexically mean psychological trouble, distress and comfort, relief. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi explains these states as follows in Kastamonu Lahikası:

“The other psychological pains is a divine whip to make a person get accustomed to patience and struggle. For, thedistressed (qabz) and relieved (bast) states occurring in people of understanding from the manifestation of majesty (jalal) and beauty (jamal) of Allah in the balance of fear and hope in order to show patience and to thank Him with the wisdom of not being affected by the danger of safety and despair is a famous principle of improvement according to the people who are aware of the truth.”

We can explain this statement as follows: Some spiritual problems are a divine whip given to us by Allah in order to make us accustomed to patience and struggle against the soul. The word whip is used here because when an animal gets lazy, a whip is used to make it active. Similarly, a person who gets lazy and lives monotonously is virtually whipped by the relieved and distressed states and he is ordered to do his duty seriously.

However, the phrase “the danger of safety and despair” in the statement above should not be ignored here. The state of safety should not be the outcome of the relieved state. That is, the relief that comes after distress should not harm the seriousness in one’s duty. However, a believer should not fall into despair after the state of distress. For, as Mehmet Akif, the poet, says, “Despair prevents all kinds of achievements.”

These states occur with the manifestation of Allah Almighty’s names Jalal and Jamal. Illness is the manifestation of Allah Almighty’s name Shafi (the Curer); similarly, state of distress is the manifestation of Allah Almighty’s name ad-Darr (the Creator of the Harmful) (a jalal name) and state of comfort and relief is the manifestation of Allah Almighty’s name al-Wasi (the All-Comprehending) (a jamal name).

It is necessary to have it a habit to have wudu when one walks around and to read the Quran and Jawshan frequently.

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