Will you give information about Hz. Ali's migration to Madinah after the Prophet?

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The Prophet (pbuh) ordered Hz. Ali to remain in Madinah until he returned the things that the Qurayshi polytheists had entrusted to the Prophet. Hz. Ali remained in Makkah for three days and nights to do it. (1)

He stood next to the valley of Makkah and called out:

"If you have entrusted anything to the Messenger of Allah, come to me. I will return them."

After giving people their possessions (2), he set off to go to Madinah (3). He walked at night and hid during the day. (4) He reached Quba in the middle of the month of Rabiul-Awwal. (5)

When he arrived in Quba, the soles of his feet had swollen and torn; they were bleeding.

When the Prophet (pbuh) heard that Hz. Ali had come, he said,

"Tell Ali to come here." They said,

"O Messenger of Allah! He is too tired to walk."

The Prophet (pbuh) stood up at once and went to see him. When he saw his state, he started to weep due to his mercy and compassion.

He wiped the soles of his feet with his hands and prayed to Allah to heal him. Thus, Hz. Ali felt no pain. (6)

It is also stated in some narrations that Hz. Ali left Makkah with Fatima, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah, and his own mother, Fatima, and that he caught up with the Prophet in Quba. (TDV. İslam Ansiklopedisi, II/371)


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(see M. Asım KÖKSAL, İslam Tarihi, Köksal Yayıncılık: III/22-23.)

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